Welltox is a new Cosmetic line based out of Hong Kong that offers a variety of Cosmetic products to help take your skin to a new level of aesthetic goodness. It’s available now.

About Welltox

Taking a look at today’s market for cosmetic it is not uncommon to see the advertisements for all natural ingredients written across many labels. It can be especially prominent in skin care.

People are looking for a way to have healthy skin without all the chemicals which are said to have a harsh effect.

Organic or all natural ingredients are what is “in”.

Even when applying make-up it is said that people must have a smooth and moisturized surface in order to have the make-up apply evenly and smoothly.

The products used to achieve the moisturizing should not have to have a basis of chemical that cannot be pronounced by the average person.

Being more conscious of the ingredients in products and starting to read the labels does come at a fault, most often when it comes to price. Other times when it comes to variety.

Who wants to compromise when it’s their skin that is at stake?

Who does not want glowing skin?

It is not very often one can find everything they’re looking for without having to give up on the ingredients, quality, or the price rang pre-proposed.

What if there was a skin care and cosmetic line that has a variety of products with a basis of natural ingredients, no compromise necessary?

Welltox is possibly that line.

Welltox specializes in skin care and cosmetics and was originally established in 2009 as an e-commerce company, based out of Korea.

When looking at the skin care and cosmetic lines there are multiple products that Welltox has to offer.

Welltox Products

These products fall in various categories from body care, cleansers and peeling, eye care, make up and tools, masks and exfoliators, moisturizers and serums and toners.

All of these products place an emphasis on natural ingredients.

Exploring the body care category, there are 4 products that Welltox has to offer.

The first and most prominent product in this category is the camel milk white body moisturizer.

This product is to be applied after bathing and targets itchy dry skin. It contains actual camel milk as well as sweet almond seed and jojoba seed sauce. Just those three simple ingredients.

With these three ingredients combined it is said to make peoples skin soft and smooth.


Welltox also has camel milk included in the white volume and white source.

The camel milk white volume is a creamy whitening cream while the camel milk white source is more of a whitening moisturizer.

Also in the body care category is the cuticle smooth away essence, day-light protection sun screen, and exdigm legs shining cream.

Each of these products contain natural ingredients.

Moving to the next category, cleanser and peeling, there can be 11 products found.

The first two products that stand out, are the 100% real flower cleansing water in calendula or rose.

This 100% real flower cleansing water cleans and moisturizes skin and is works for all skin types.

Also in the cleanser and peeling category are the following products: blemish soothing foam cleanser, gold black caviar essence and gold tox tightening pack and masks, lemon green caviar essence and tox tightening pack and masks, a magic pore brush, and real fresh foam in cereal, cranberry and green tea.

Moving right along to eye care, there is age defense eye cream, long lasting eyeliner coating serum, long lasting volume enhancing serum and miracle lightening eye lifter.

The miracle lightening eye lifter is to be frozen before use. The purpose of this product is to get rid of the bags under the eye by breaking down the abnormal fat in that area.

It is able to be used by people with all skin types and has four ingredients; adenosine, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and trehalos.

Welltox offers other make-up such as black-fit eyeliner and a multi-play bc stick 21 which can be compared to concealer in the everyday make-up markets.

The largest variety of products that Welltox has to offer would have to be the masks.

Previously mentioned were the masks paired with the tox tightening pack, but in addition to those mask Welltox has a Mexican aloe essential mask, milk cream essential mask, ocean feeding fiber mask, oceanism intensive aqua mineral mask, and vita energizing fiber mask.

Where To Purchase Welltox

The question that could be posed now, would be where can these products be found to begin the journey to having all natural ingredients be the basis of the products used?

Currently Welltox has stores in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and Macau.

Although some products are out of stock, they can be purchased online as well.

Welltox Review Summary

With all of the products that Welltox has to offer they make it easy for a full face application to be achieved without having to use harsh chemicals.

Welltox has masks, moisturizers, eyeliner, brightening creams and brushes that all aid in giving that complete look and feel.


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