Inno Gialuron Serum: wrinkle killer №1

Inno Gialuron Serum: wrinkle killer №1

Inno Gialuron Serum: wrinkle killer №1

They say that aging is an irreversible process. For thousands of years people have been dreaming about turning back time and restoring the lost youth. And just today, they succeeded.

Meet: inno gialuron: anti-aging serum with a hyper-saturated concentrate of hyaluronic acid.

Why do we grow old?

The older we get, the slower our body works. Cells regenerate not as active as in the youth. The skin loses its moisture gradually and becomes thin and dry.

In addition, the biological aging has other reasons.

  • Ultra-violet rays. Solar radiation affects adversely the youth of the skin.
  • The lack of collagen. After 25 years, the amount of collagen in the skin is rapidly declining. Premature wrinkles, dark circles and other age-related changes appear.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle. If you smoke, drink alcohol, eat a lot of sweet, spicy and greasy food, rarely walk in the open air, you will grow old 2 times faster than your peers.
  • Too many harmful substances. Nicotine, junk food “chemicals”, dust and smog of big cities – all these eventually accumulates in the skin and worsen its condition.

How does hyaluronic acid rejuvenate the skin?

Inno Gialuron SerumHow it works
Hyaluronic acid is the best protection of the youth of the skin. Its aim is to moisturize the skin intensively, restore natural level of collagen, increase the cell-mediated immunity.

Hundreds of anti-aging beauty products contain hyaluronic acid. But why don’t they work?

The point is that the percentage of this component is negligibly small there. Basic substances are water, glycerin and perfume additives.


But recently a rejuvenating product appeared on the market. Its manufacturers DO NOT DECEIVE BUYERS. It is called inno gialuron. According to the reviews, skin is becoming younger every day with this serum.

The serum differs from other products by the high level of the concentrated hyaluronic acid: more than in any other product.

Let’s see if it is true or just another trick?


The composition of the anti-aging serum

  • Hyaluronic acid. The main component. It constitutes more than 60% in the formula of the cream (in other products – not more than 0.2%). Hyaluron nourishes the deeper layers of the epidermis, restores the natural moisture level and collagen, smoothes deep wrinkles and the skin and makes it firmer.
  • Camellia sinensis extract. Natural UV filter. It protects the skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Folic acid. Evens the skin tone. It protects from the excessive dryness.
  • Kelp extract. It soothes the skin. It is a prevention of irritation and rashes.
  • Fucus extract. It accelerates cell division and metabolic processes in the skin tissues.

Inno gialuron serum: mechanism of action

Inno gialuron complex nourishes the skin with hyaluronic acid and other nutrients at the cellular level. The product penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis where the usual creams, masks and injections “cannot reach”.

In addition, the serum can remove the dead skin cells without the use of scrubs and rid it of harmful substances that have been accumulated over the years.

The serum has a pleasant consistence that matches with any type of the skin. It is not fluid, does not stick and does not make the skin greasy. The product can be used as an under makeup base.

Method of application

Serum is recommended to apply 2 times a day to a clean face. Additional products (foundation, powder) can be used not earlier than 10 minutes after applying the serum.


IRREVERSIBLE changes will occur to your skin within a week of the serum application.

  •         Healthy, well-hydrated skin.
  •         The disappearance of age and facial wrinkles.
  •         Smooth complexion without redness and yellowness.
  •         Firm facial contours. No more sagging.
  •         No excessive dryness, irritation and rashes.

Before inno gialuron cream release, the developers have run clinical trials. In the course of them, the following results were obtained:

  •         99% of women have no more wrinkles; they’ve become 10 years younger (on average);
  •         97% of older women have no more age spots and deep wrinkles;
  •         100% of the subjects have even and healthy complexion now.

Where to order inno gialuron serum?

The effect after applicationBefore and after using
You can buy rejuvenating inno gialuron serum ONLY on the website of the official manufacturer.

This is a temporary measure dictated by the security of the brand. Once the product had been released to mass market, its forgery has become more common. Consequently, women bought counterfeit cosmetics and complained about the lack of the results.

Eventually, the manufacturer has withdrawn massively the serum from retail stores and pharmacies. Now you can buy the cream only on the official website.

Today, the manufacturer has a special offer for you for the inno gialuron serum. The price is half as much as it was 6 months ago. According to the product developers, the special offer has recently started and will last for 3 months.

You can order the rejuvenating inno gialuron serum here.



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